Variable Rate Phosphorus

Reduced phosphorus rates without affecting production*

A phosphorus audit is a great starting point for using variable rate nutrition in cropping and pasture systems. 

By matching phosphorus (P) rates to soil measurements, many of our customers have reduced P rates by up to 25 percent without reducing production.  

Others have maintained their fertiliser budget but redirected some fertiliser from high soil P areas to low soil P areas. This approach can deliver even greater financial benefits than cost savings for P deficient areas.
Some of our customers run variable rate P through their seeder but many use their spreader to implement variable rate P.

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Our grid sampling process allows you to add other soil analysis such as soil pH (calc2), Colwell Potassium and Nitrogen.

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* Based on previous results. Actual results will vary depending on individual circumstances

    Our Variable Rate Phosphorus service includes:

  • Grid soil Colwell P or Olsen P map of top 10cm of soil;
  • Phosphorus Buffering Index measurements;
  • Variable rate phosphorus map; and
  • Option: we can also integrate yield data with P soil maps to enable the implementation of P prescription maps.