Soil Management Plans

Enhance your natural resource

Understanding the characteristics of your soil and how it varies across the farm is a fundamental starting place for any sustainable farming operation. Starting with soil, you can look to enhance your natural resource base and get more from every hectare. 

With our Soil Management Plans, we help you set up a long term program including strategic soil sampling programs, zonal paddock management and variable rate gypsum application. EM38 soil mapping is used as a reliable option for zoning paddocks according to soil type and potential yields. It is a fast and cost effective way of measuring soil moisture content, salt levels, and soil texture (clay content).

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    Our Soil Management Plan includes:

  • EM38 & Elevation mapping;
  • Defining soil management zones and a soil sampling plan; and
  • Maps will be readily available for generating gypsum applications and other future variable rate input applications.