Research & Projects

Leaders in precision agriculture for industry

A key strength of our business is our comprehensive history of working with government agencies and managing industry projects. 

As precision agriculture is fundamentally about using technology to measure plants and soil, we can integrate this information into the reporting and evaluation process of many cropping, pasture, soil and landscape projects.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity for further industry collaboration and can assist with the development of project ideas and proposals.

To talk more, please call Chief Executive Officer Ben Fleay on 0427465 796.

Some of our projects

  • Four year research project for the Rural Industry Research and Development Corporation (Federal Government) into the application of Precision Agriculture techniques for the rice industry
  • Analysis of opportunities for Precision Horticulture for the Department of Primary Industry (Victoria)
  • New techniques and technologies for managing erosion in Central Qld for the Fitzroy Basin Association
  • Understanding paddock variability of soil pH and monitoring soil cover levels with satellite imagery for the Mid Loddon Landcare Group
  • Soil fertility mapping dairy pastures for the West Vic Dairy
  • Sustainable Farming Systems on Darling Downs Qld for the Condamine Alliance
  • Annual catchment ground cover analysis for the Condamine Alliance
  • Training and Demonstration of Precision Agriculture in Practice with SPAA and GRDC
  • Managing Soil Acidity for Glenelg Hopkins CMA and Southern Farming Systems
  • Technical review of Conservation Farming Manual with Lachlan CMA
  • Field based testing with proximal and remote sensing for nitrogen stress in wheat for the Department of Primary Industry (Victoria)
  • Stubble Management in the high rainfall zone with Dr Matt McCallum, SFS, Vaderstaad & GRDC
  • Evaluating performance of proximal and remote crop sensors with RMIT
  • CTF on dairy farms for Queensland Dairyfarmers Association
  • Action on the ground project on increasing carbon on degraded pasture and cropping lands