On-farm Trials

Sophisticated management and continual improvement of your farm through applied research

Conducting research on your own farm can provide some of the most useful information available for decision making regarding your farming system. 

At Precision Agriculture, we can help design trials and analyse the results - providing you with specific, detailed and relevant information which can be used to help continually improve your farming system.Where yield or biomass information is available we can strategically locate trials to run through different soil types in order to make the trial more valuable.

These trials are critical when farmers start to implement variable rate programs - calibration strips are used to determine whether the variable rate inputs have been set at the most effective levels. Upon completion of each trial, you will receive a report detailing the results, maps, statistical and economic analysis.

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  • ...we utilised a wide range of Precision Ag tools including satellite imagery, yield mapping, EM38 mapping, soil moisture probes, strategic soil cores and soil pH mapping. The trials found large variation across paddocks, highlighting the need for variable rate management. Precision Agriculture offered a strong understanding of the latest technologies, but more importantly how to put these tools into practice.

    Chris Sharkey, Balliang Food and Fibre