GPS Guidance Data Management

Optimising your machinery with autosteer

Precision agriculture for many farmers starts with optimising machinery through autosteer. The combination of guidance and driving on hard, permanent wheel tracks has shown many benefits:
  • improved paddock efficiencies;
  • reduced input costs (seed, sprays and fertiliser);
  • reduced diesel consumption by up to half;
  • greater accuracy in placing inputs;
  • improved water infiltration and storage;
  • improved timeliness of operations and a reduction in operator fatigue; and
  • improvements in soil health.

At Precision Agriculture, we have been heavily involved in the adoption of these techniques in Australia. 

We understand the importance of keeping your GPS display tidy, especially when multiple people are operating the same machine. We can reformat your display with accurate boundaries, farm names, paddock names and AB lines. We will leave you with a datacard/USB stick ready to load your paddock data onto multiple machines. This process includes a digital farm map with accurate boundaries and public roads.

We can store your application maps in our mapping system, which is extremely valuable for farmers with RTK GPS systems (2cm autosteer) as those maps may be suitable for developing drainage designs and/or management zones.

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