Farm Productivity Assessment

Thinking of purchasing land? Want to look for ways to improve production?

With climbing land values the importance of knowing what you plan to purchase and how to maximise production across every hectare is essential.

Our farm mapping team are pioneers in the application of precision agriculture techniques to help land investment decisions.

Our flagship Farm Productivity Assessment is designed to be part of your due diligence and provides a powerful dataset to support yield maps and local knowledge for the establishment paddock management zones.

All mapping outputs can be integrated into our precision agriculture mapping software in readiness for further site-specific crop and/or soil management programs

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  • The guys at Precision Agriculture have developed some simple but effective tools to begin to understand paddock variability. We now have target soil sampling and improved fertiliser recommendations based on historical data such as stacked yield maps and satellite imagery

    Graham Spackman, Graham Spackman & Associates Pty Ltd

    Our Farm Productivity Assessment includes:

  • A review of farm performance with the past 10 years' satellite imagery (NDVI);
  • Analysis of in-paddock variability and vulnerability to seasonal impacts;
  • A seasonal farm productivity map; and
  • A farm productivity assessment map.