Variable Rate Lime

Precision Agriculture has been leading the application of variable rate lime throughout Australia since 2010 and is a global leader in grid soil pH mapping.

Our studies have shown traditional lime programs following paddock level soil testing typically deliver sub-optimal lime rates to 25 percent of the paddock, exposing the risk for soil acidity to limit plant growth. Soil science also proves that grid pH mapping is the most effective method in determining variable rate lime applications. 

On average our customers enjoy an initial 30 percent lime saving from variable rate techniques while at the same time delivery of optimum levels across every hectare of their paddock. We work closely with farmers and contractors to make sure our prescription maps suit their machinery.

Our grid sampling process allows you to add further soil analysis, such as Colwell or Olsen Phosphorus, Colwell Potassium and Nitrogen.

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    Our Variable Rate Lime service includes:
  • Grid soil pH (cacl2) map of top 10cm of soil;
  • Analysis of results through our lime calculator; and
  • Variable rate lime maps and assistance loading onto controller.