Variable Rate Gypsum

Target soil sodicity to improve yield potential

Soil sodicity impacts large areas of Australia's agricultural land and has a significant impact on yield potential. 

Our research and customer experience has found EM38 and elevation maps useful for developing soil sampling plans to determine areas of a paddock subject to sodicity.

Another approach is to use an early season NDVI satellite image to map sodic areas - plants can struggle to emerge and early crop vigour can be constrained in these areas.  

Once these areas have been defined, variable rate gypsum strategies can be implemented. Many of our customers are also linking this process with strategic application of manures.

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      Our Variable Rate Gypsum service includes:
  • Defining sodic areas using either EM38/elevation mapping, an early season NDVI map or local knowledge if sufficient;
  • Targeted soil testing to monitor exchangeable sodium levels; and
  • Implementing variable rate gypsum.