What our customers say

  • "The information and services provided by Precision Ag complements the agronomy packages we offer to clients. Given the complexity involved with PA we prefer to leave it up to specialists in the field... which we can then relate back to local agronomy issues".

    Greg Condon, Grassroots Agronomy
  • "The guys at Precision Agriculture have developed some simple but effective tools to begin to understand paddock variability. We now have targeted soil sampling and improved fertiliser recommendations based on historical data such as stacked yield maps and satellite imagery".

    Graham Spackman, Graham Spackman & Associates Pty Ltd
  • "Many of our clients now have some form of precision ag equipment on their machinery. But very few know how to use the data they are collecting. I have found the guys at Precision Agriculture offer a fantastic affordable service to collate and interpret all this great information into farmer language. In particular the drainage maps and land-forming design maps that they have been able to produce have been valuable for my clients who have had them done".

    Craig Drum, Tatyoon Rural
  • "The team at Precision Agriculture are the valuable third link between our clients and the precision agronomy approach we use in our advisory services. The precise collection and analysis of spatial data within paddocks allows us as advisors to make informed decisions on inputs and profitability, as well as providing the opportunity to conduct intensive on farm strip trials. Precision Agriculture support our approach through such services as analysing yield data, extracting elevation maps, providing 0.8m satellite NDVI imagery, conducting soil pH mapping and developing multiple zone application maps for rate controllers to name a few. They are the leaders in their field and are a pleasure to deal with".

    Lachlan Caldwell, Lachlan Fertilisers
  • "With the assistance of Precision Agriculture the Balliang Cropping Group (BCG) were successful in receiving a significant grant from the Vision for Werribee Plains. With this grant the BCG conducted a number of trials under Andrew's guidance and utilised a wide range of Precision Ag tools including satellite imagery, yield mapping, EM38 mapping, soil moisture probes, strategic soil cores and soil pH mapping. The trials found large variation across paddocks, highlighting the need for variable rate management. Andrew offered a strong understanding of the latest technologies, but more importantly how to put these tools into practice. BCG have the belief that if you can't measure it, you can't manage it".

    Chris Sharkey, Balliang Cropping Group

Listen to our customers talk about their experience with us

  • Evan Lord
    Evan Lord, who is farm manager of Cowabbie Mukoora in southern NSW, has been working with the Precision Ag team on pH mapping on the property and has made some big savings as a result.
  • Ian Layden
    Ian Layden from the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, has been working with the Precision Ag team on a couple of horticultural projects in Queensland which are aiming to showcase the benefits of precision ag technology in the industry.
  • Josh Walter
    Josh Walter from Murnong Farming worked with the Precision Ag team to solve some drainage problems on his near Inverleigh in Victoria and is very pleased with the outcome!
  • Russell Ford
    Manager of Rice Research Australia, Russell Ford, has been working with the Precision Ag team and rice growers to implement PA technology more widely in the industry, with a particular focus on understanding variability in rice fields.