Getting Started

So you're interested in precision farming. But where to start?

Whether this is your first step into precision agriculture or you are an experienced user looking for advanced support, we are here to help.

Our approach is to integrate spatial information with local knowledge in order to develop a strategy specific to each paddock. It involves gathering the right data, creating meaningful insight and turning it into action on your farm.

We offer a FREE assessment to work out what's right for you. Call your nearest Precision Agriculture Advisor or ring 1800 773 247.

Or if there's a particular precision technique you are interested in, you can read more about our individual services here.

Basic steps for implementation:

Develop a precision agriculture plan, focusing on simple strategies with the greatest anticipated impact on profitability. For many customers setting a healthy soil platform is the starting point:

Refine your farm map and establish a set of accurate paddock boundaries and AB guidance lines for future field applications.

If available, consolidate a history of yield maps in order to understand paddock variability. If yield data is limited, focus on crop biomass maps from the past five seasons.

Where necessary, obtain extra data to design a management strategy, such as EM38, elevation or grid soil mapping.

Establish a permanent soil monitoring program to regularly measure soil fertility levels and inform fertiliser decisions.

Apply variable rate application or management strategy and incorporate calibration strips to measure the economic response of the applied input.