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Precision Agriculture is a consulting company offering advice, training and products associated with precision farming industries. 

With a strong understanding of the complexities associated with farming systems we foster partnerships with key stakeholders in order to deliver targeted solutions.

We consist of a team of people who have a passion for integrating spatial technologies with the management processes of cropping systems. We value the concept of measuring to manage as being critical for continual farm improvement and provide the products and services to enable farmers to strategically respond to the challenges of crop production relative to space and time.

We believe precision agriculture techniques need to be implemented in association with the understanding of interactions at the farming system, whole farm, and sub-paddock levels. We therefore view our services as being complimentary to existing farmer consultants/agronomists, providing opportunities for all to be involved in the process.

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General Manager, Ag Services – Andrew Whitlock

An Agricultural Science (hons) student from Melbourne uni (Parkville campus), Andrew began his working career with DPI Victoria as the state-wide Precision Agriculture Agronomist. This role involved significant training, study, domestic and international study fast-tracking his influence within the Victorian Grains Industry. Andrew’s passion for Australian agriculture and commitment to developing precision agriculture was recognised by the Australian Society of Agronomy as the inaugural Young Agronomist of the Year (2006).

Andrew works closely with farmers and agronomists to implement site specific crop management, particularly throughout Victoria, Tasmania and Southern NSW. Over the past eight years this work has included strategic soil sampling, designing variable rate applications, crop sensor mapping, yield map analysis/interpretation, running on-farm trials, farm drainage designs, soil pH mapping, delivering PA workshops and participating in a range of industry projects.

Precision Ag Advisor - Brendan Torpy

Brendan recently completed a Bachelor of Agriculture degree at the University of Melbourne’s Dookie campus. He grew up on a potato, cropping and prime lamb farm at Newlyn, near Ballarat, Victoria and is passionate about maximising paddock and farm profitability and productivity with a particular interest in cropping and horticultural enterprises. He also became very interested in the agronomy and technology which allowed this to occur.

Brendan chose to complete his student industry project with us on the economic and environmental benefits of variable rate nitrogen and lime application in cropping systems along with the use of satellite imagery (NDVI) as a tool for undertaking site-specific management.

Based out of Ballarat, Brendan will offer field-based PA support to our clients throughout Southern Australia. He is interested to learn more about precision irrigation technology and how this can be used in horticultural and other intensive enterprises.

"I look forward to working with farmers who are using PA technology along with those who are looking at starting out. I believe the scope for PA in Australian agriculture is huge and I am excited about being involved in the PA industry as it continues to grow and evolve.

Precision Ag Advisor - Brent Bourke

Brent completed a Bachelor of Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture) at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga in 1997. Following this Brent gained experience working on a large cattle station in the NT and on mixed farming enterprises in Southern NSW. Brent has experience in cotton, pasture, and forage cropping systems working as an agronomist in Northern NSW, the New England and Monaro regions. Based out of Wagga Wagga, Brent provides growers and agronomists with pH mapping, EM surveying, and the other PA services they require to manage variability, increase efficiency, and maximise returns.

Precision Ag Advisor - Bindi Isbister

Bindi is an environmental scientist (honours in soil science) with thirteen years experience working in agricultural research, development and extension in Western Australia. Growing up on a farm in Kojonup, and working with the Department of Agriculture and Food WA for 10 years as Development Officer, Bindi has developed a good understanding of agriculture working in areas of wheat research, saltland pasture, controlled traffic farming, precision agriculture, and soil carbon management. For the past three years Bindi has worked for North Stirling’s Pallinup Natural Resources, a local farmer group at Borden in Western Australia. As a Natural Resource Management Officer she assisted farmers writing grant applications, revegetating farmland, growing perennials, and trialling sustainable soil management practices.

The lead author of Northern Agricultural Catchment Council’s newly released Controlled Traffic Farming Technical Manual Bindi has a proven track record in developing and delivering extension activities to increase the adoption of new farming technologies. Bindi believes precision agricultural technologies that help you put more inputs where they are needed and less where they are not, is such an obvious concept good for business and the environment it is well worth investigating how it can apply to your farm.